You get no second chance to make a first impression. It might be one of life’s cruel rules, but it’s also one of the basics of business branding.

In this TipLetter I’ll try to explain one of many reasons why creating the right image for your business – starting with the right logo, has such a great impact on your success and on the future of your business.

I like to call it the rule of first impression. Life has taught us that it’s difficult to change the first impression you made on someone or someone else made on you. It’s the same with your business. The first time your brand is exposed to a potential customer is when you have a chance to win their heart (and money) or lose it, forever.  Well obviously, nothing is irreversible, but why not Do it Right at first if you can – and you can. Let’s take logo design as example although the rules are the same for any piece of marketing.

Design talks directly to the subconscious – each colour, each different font type speaks a different language and delivers a different message.  The art of a professional design isn’t about designing a ‘beautiful logo’; it’s all about designing the right and perfect logo – suited to its purpose.

Let’s save on explanation and instead go for demonstration. These are logos created specially for this article:


If you’re after a life insurance policy, and need to make a decision what company to contact without having a background, say you only have a business card of two companies, I bet your first choice will be Blips – the left one.  The lady of the insurance company on the right let her designer create a logo she thought was beautiful, but this though makes her lose business, every single day. And the opposite would have happened if you’re after a Make-up Artist. Blips wins it again – the right one this time though.

Obviously, this is an extreme example, but it delivers the point. Colours, fonts and symbols, are speaking a language. Some speak insurance and some speak Makeup, some whisper and some scream but they all speak. The better your designer is, the more they know about the little ‘language’ nuances and how they affect your potential clients.

So, whatever you’re putting out there with your name on it, WILL make an impression on someone, somewhere.  Make sure you ‘Do it Right.’

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