What we do?

Branding & Advertising:

From defining your brands promise, to the creation of the brands image, we’re with you
all the way helping your presence in the market and retaining your loyal customers.

New Business Services:

Helping you planning it right and avoiding pitfalls. We will analyse your service, market and the
challenges on your way to success. providing all the design and branding support you might need.

Going Online:

Are you ready to go Online? Faced with technical jargon? What is the the best web marketing solution?
We can help you decide,create and guide you through it.

Marketing & Sales:

Raise the bars, add revenue streams to your existing business. Market and introduce different
sales strategies and incentives. Attract new customers and retain your existing ones.

Business Management:

Teamwork, time frames,and management. Leave it to us. We will aid you to optimize the organisation
and smooth running of your business as well as identify weaknesses and facilitate you to overcome them.

Business Printing:

From business cards to catalogues, we can look after your business printing needs.
From concept to delivery, we ensure your printed image reflects what you do.

Research & Consultancy:

This is a brand new service,  as an Initact client you buy yourself a partner helping you make the right decisions.
We can give you a second opinion on a design you’ve done at your preferred designer,
we can even overlook estimates you’re getting for your computing equipment, phone services,
web services, software, and anything else.
We can review your existing plans and let you know if you’re
getting the best value for your money. 

Waiting to hear from you!